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I. The name of shall be “SIKKIM URBAN DEVELOPMENT AGENCY” (hereinafter referred to as the ‘SOCIETY”)

II. The Central office of the Society shall be located at Urban Dev. & Housing Department, Government of Sikkim, Gangtok. (hereinafter referred to as the “Department)

III. A. The main objects of the Society shall be: -

a. To identify and cause the municipal corporations, municipalities and notified area authorities (hereinafter referred to as “local bodies”) or in their absence, the UD&HD, Govt. of Sikkim and such authorities and agencies as may be directed by the Government of Sikkim (hereinafter referred to as “STATE GOVERNMENT”) to identify the weaker sections of the community consisting of households in the municipal or urban areas lying below the poverty line as defined by the state government from time to time (hereinafter referred to as “urban poor”) and to ascertain their socioeconomic conditions with the objective of initiating and pursuing with appropriate actions for generating income and employment opportunities from them ;

b. To promote, and to help assist in implementation of such programmes as would reach out the urban poor with urban basic services like literacy, primary health care, mother and child care, shelter upgradation and so on;

c. To implement and cause to be implemented anti-poverty programmes in such a manner as to offer special incentives to the Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe or O.B.C. Communities, disabled and women to encourage them to participate and benefit from the programme;

d. To arrange and cause to arrange skill development training programmes for urban labour force;

e. To promote and cause to be created in the areas within the local bodies such infrastructural facilities in response to the needs of the benefficiaries of the income and employment generation programme; e.g. input supply, marketing, design, centre, common workshop and so on;

f. To draw up plans and programmes and implement them through local bodies or through the Department, coordinate activities, and perform such task as may be considered necessary for attaining the objectives in conformity with the policy and directives of the State Government;

g. To provide management training inputs for all categories of urban development functionaries, disseminate knowledge and ideas through seminars, workshops, conferences and publications;

h. To review the progress of execution of these activities, evaluate their impact on the urban poor and other groups of urban populace.

III. B. To attain the above objectives, the tasks that the Society may perform are:

a) to ensure arrangement of adequate credit facilities to the beneficiaries of self-employment programme, shelter improvement programme and such other programmes in conformity with the central or the State Government policy and directives;

b) to extend financial assistance including grants to the beneficiaries of such programmes as may be decided by the Society or in accordance with the directives of the Central or the State Government;

c) to draw, accept, make, endorse, discount promissory notes, bills of exchanges, cheques or other negotiable instruments and negotiate with the Government of India and other organisations;

d) to receive funds from the Central or the State Government and to utilise them for implementation of specified programmes, for meeting the establishment cost and contingencies of the Society, workshops etc., and for carrying out any other responsibility that the State Government may assign from time to time;

e) to invest the funds of the money entrusted to the Society upon such security or in any such manner, as may be determined by the Governing Body, and to sell or transfer or convert such investments with the prior approval of the State Government;

f) to negotiate or obtain loan from Banks and/or other credit institutions against are-specific and/or activity – specific schemes for the benefit of defined target groups with the prior approval of the State Government;

g) to purchase, take on lease, accept as gift, or otherwise acquire, any land or property wherever suitable which may be necessary or useful for objects of the Society with the approval of the State Government;

h) to receive grants from non-governmental organisations or institutions to implement identified programmes or to undertake study or survey work, in furtherance of the socio-economic interest of the urban poor;

i) to sell, lease, exchange or otherwise transfer all or any portion of the properties of the Society with the approval of the state Government;

j) to do all such things as may be considered necessary by the Society and may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of its objectives.

IV. The Governing Body of the Society shall be the body as constituted under the regulations of the Society. The first members of the said Governing Body shall be:

1.Secretary/Chairman, UD&HD, Govt. Of Sikkim

2.Rep. of DPERNECAD (Planning)

3.Rep. of FRED (Finance)

4.Rep. of HC, HS & FW Dept.

5.Rep. of Secretary, Industries & Commerce

6.Rep. of Secretary, Child & F.W.

7.Rep. of Secretary/Registrar, Coop. Societies

8.Rep. of Secretary, RMDD/Director, SRDA

9.Programme Director

10.Municipal Commissioner, GMC

11.Representative of SBI/lead Bank Officer

12.A Representative of UNICEF

13.A Representative of GOI

14.A Representative of HUDCO

15.D.E UD&HD N/E & S/W

V. The income and property of the Society shall be utilised towards the promotion of the objectives as set forth in this Memorandum of Association in respect of the expenditure of grants made by the Government of India and by the State Government to such Limitations as the Government of India and the State Government may, from time to time, impose. No portion of the income and property of the Society shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus or otherwise, howsoever, by way of profits to the persons who may at any time be or have been members of the Society or any persons claiming through payment in good faith of remuneration in return for any service specially rendered to the Society.

VI. If on the dissolution of the Society, there shall remain after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Society or any of them and shall be dealt with in such manner according to laws as the State Government may determine.